Via Patrick Rhone, a pointer to The ultimate guide to DuckDuckGo from Brett Terpstra.

I’ve been slowing replacing Google’s search with DuckDuckGo’s search on my desktop and mobile over the last year, and the transition is almost complete: even setting aside its significant privacy-enhancing features, DuckDuckGo, after years of forcing me to compromise with weaker search results, is now almost always more helpful than Google, in part because Google’s search is increasingly focused exclusively on helping me buy things.

Special bonus: search this blog in DuckDuckGo by prefixing your query with !ruk, like this:

Example of a !ruk search in DuckDuckGo

When I was a summer camp leader at the YMCA in the 1980s, Duck Duck Goose, the children’s game, was a go-to staple for the mid-afternoon activity. I still have “duck… duck… duck… duck… goose!” burned into my brain from those days, and feel a little nervous at the anticipation of it all every time I use the search engine.