Dublin to Dublin

Although I’m still doubtful that it’s possible for humans to flit about the surface of the earth so quickly, we woke up yesterday in Dublin, Ireland and as I type this I’m sitting here at Yankee in Dublin, New Hampshire — 3013 miles away and 24 hours later.

Our travel day, while exhausting, was thankfully uneventful — no puffy eyes or other disasters. U.S. Airways took off from Dublin on time, landed in Philadelphia on time, and then did the same for the Philly to Boston leg of our trip.

We picked up another Volvo from Hertz for the trip up to Keene (leaving out the brutal environmental damage caused by automobiles, the XC70 is a beautiful driving machine).

This Volvo has Sirius Satellite Radio in it, so we ended up listening to CBC Radio 3 for the entire trip. Please allow me to take back anything bad I’ve ever said about CBC Radio 3 (well, not everything — those Flash-o-matic websites were, and are, truly dreadful): they play an excellent mix of “modern Canadian music.” It’s only a shame you need a satellite receiver (or the Internet) to pick up the signal — Catherine and I agreed that we would happily jettison Shelagh Rogers for a bit of main network time.

We arrived at the E.F. Lane Hotel in Keene around 9:30 p.m. at the approximate end of our mental and physical limits; we all three went straight to bed, and we didn’t wake up until this morning at 7:00 a.m.

We’re here in New Hampshire until Friday, then down to Boston for the weekend and back to the Island, with a Halifax overnight (thanks, Aeroplan!) on Tuesday morning.


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Alan on June 14, 2006 - 02:11 Permalink

Any further Keene tips would be welcome. We are on the #9 again in July and may head to there as a third-of-the-way stop.