Dragon Dreams

Issa, the artist formerly known as Jane Siberry, has a new album out called Dragon Dreams. And while you can buy a physical copy from CD Baby, you can’t buy a downloadable version as Issa’s Sheeba store is offline for the moment. Helpfully, however, is this notice there:

if you ordered Dragon Dreams mp3s here and haven’t downloaded yet, or would like to order any music here and know what you want, email me for link. you can pay later at EZpay when the store re-opens if you wish to.

She sent out the link to Dragon Dreams in her email newsletter and it is in my iTunes now. If you are a fan, I think you’ll like it. I’m particularly fond of the track When We Are Queen, with lyrics, in part:

It will be more about giving,
And less about getting,
And farmers, teachers and nurses
will be returned
to their honoured place in society
And all the widows will open
(for obvious reasons).
When we are Queen.

You have to imagine that wrapped up in bongos and harpsichord and children’s voices.