The Downtown Messiah

Described as “a hip, genre-stretching version of Handel’s holiday treasure like you’ve never heard it,” you can listen here to The Downtown Messiah. Stars Marshall Crenshaw, Dar Williams, Jane Siberry, David Johansen, Everett Bradley and Meg Griffin. Recommended.


Harvey Brown's picture
Harvey Brown on January 28, 2004 - 20:37 Permalink

I was fortunate to have attended the live Downtown Messiah at the Wintergarden on 12/18/03.

It was amazingly inventive and thoroughly enjoyable. As a musician (oboist) who has performed The Messiah many times and had listened to it countless times, I found myself thrilled at the varieties of genres expressed in the performance.

Has the performance been recorded? If not, why not?!! If so, please advise where I may purchase a copy.

I look forward to next year

Laura Sulborski 's picture
Laura Sulborski on October 21, 2022 - 20:54 Permalink

I was there and I was at the Bottom Line with the Downtown Messiah. Does anyone have a copy of their performance?