Dog Relaxing

In a way that would be anathema to more sedate dogs-off-the-furniture families, Ethan has the run of the couches and chairs in our house – how else could he cozy up to Oliver, after all. Sometimes he takes his dominion over the human world very liberally; witness the position I found him in this morning after breakfast:

Ethan at Rest


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AWD on March 1, 2021 - 23:00 Permalink

Furniture freedom was new to me, too. Thank you for sharing about living with Ethan; your granular descriptions, although no longer current for you, are often reassuring to this reader.

To reduce verbal costs underway, I’ve been using Lili Chin‘s “Hello Friendly Dog!” pamphlet. But it’s not ideal, so I’m weighing making my own minizine for pushy-dog folks, and an info card for pleasant enquirers.

Once I’ve drafts, I’d be very interested in your critical feedback, particularly on tweaking for accessibility to neurotypicals.
Can compensate in cash transfer, or in custom masks (CBSA permitting).