At the DNC in swindles of exciting height

I just received an early copy of the text of the article that resulted from my interview on Tuesday with DW. It’s in German, and I ran it through the Google translator to get a sense of what it said.

My favourite part is how the description of the location of the blogger area in the Fleet Center translated:

There is even a special range for the Blogger, directly under the roof Fleet Center, in swindles of exciting height.

I believe that hits the nail, inadvertently, on the head.

Then there’s my description of the need for WiFi and power as a sort of addiction:

Then the Blogger sits there, and if one sees to them into the eyes, then they look like addicted ones, which do not get straight their drug?

This isn’t intended to be a comment on the article itself, simply on the manner by which Google machine translates it. I’ll have to learn German to get a real sense.

I’ll post a link to the article when it goes online.