Dispelling the Empire State Building Flap

Although I’m on the record as being oppposed to the lights-o-rama that afflicts our neighbourhood every November, I’ve got to say that the recent flap over the “geese pecking down the Empire State Building” is completely overblown.

I suppose, if you squint your eyes, it does look like the animated geese in front of Province House are pecking down the upper reaches of that grand New York building. But suggestions that this somehow represents a slight by Prince Edward Island against our neighbours to the south are absurd.

Yes, the lights are ugly. But I can’t imagine that their designers intentionally included anti-New York imagery, especially in the post-9/11 climate.

How can we put this public relations debacle to rest?


Nils Ling's picture
Nils Ling on November 16, 2003 - 16:48 Permalink

Umm … by not mentioning it? *smirk*