Disc-o-Tronic Fun

Here’s a photo that captures a slice of our Reinvented Frisbee Golf Team. I’m the one in the blue shirt with a disc embedded in his back (it seemed like a cool way of storing the frisbee at the time; I’m moved to reconsider this now). To my right is Catherine; to her right is Ann. To my left is Cynthia; to her left is Matthew. To Matthew’s left, although in elbows only, are Stephanie and Mollie. Team members Janice and Sam are missing from the photo.

We had an excellent day on the course, boasting the highest average score (97) of the tournament. And Cynthia won the “best individual female” award. We were beat out of the “team member from farthest away” award by an Australian (Janice came up from New Hampshire, which is far, but not as far as Australia).

On someone’s camera (Will’s, I think), is our bona fide team photo.


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Will Pate on July 17, 2004 - 02:19 Permalink


I’ll send you your official team pic soon!