Deutsche Welle on Bloggers

I just came up from the first floor of the Fleet Center where I did my second interview of the day with a reporter Deutsche Welle (the first one went like this), Germany’s international broadcaster (think Radio Canada International, but from Germany; you can hear some of their programmes on the CBC Radio overnight service).

This interview, for the service’s website, was on “the blogger phenomenon,” and we chatted for a good 25 minutes about what weblogs are, how you find them, why I’m here, and so on.

Although there are others out there in the blogosphere who are complaining about how the mainstream media is all over the “blogger story” — this appears to be said either with equal parts of “we’re not the story, you idiots” and “you idiots just don’t get it, do you?” — I’m more than happy to pimp for blogging whenever possible. While people with blogs (or their immediate family, of necessity) “get” blogs, many people out there have never seen one, and have no idea whatsoever what “blogging the convention means.” If I can help the Germans understand, at the very least, why I keep a weblog, that seems like a good thing. A responsibility, even.

Christina from Deutsche Welle is looking for other bloggers here at the convention to interview tomorrow. Email me at if you’re interested; she’s set up down on the first floor, inside the security perimeter, so you don’t have to venture into the outside world to talk with her.