My God Dell is good. I figure that over the last 5 years I’ve guided the purchase of about $100,000 worth of equipment from Dell for various of my clients. Dell servers run the, and the websites, for example.
So it’s 7:35 p.m. here in Charlottetown, and I need to spec out a new server before the night is out. Oliver’s just had a bath. All the computer stores in Charlottetown are closed. I go to Dell’s website and price up a PowerEdge 2500SC. I’ve got some questions. I phone Dell’s toll-free number and talk to an account rep, who answer them all quickly. She then gives me a delivery date, and emails me a quote.
Everything I’ve ever ordered from Dell has arrived on time, and exactly as ordered (with the small exception of a missing SCSI cable a couple of months ago; forgiveable). They are quick, efficient, and friendly.
There goes the email gong — the quote has arrived. Off to purchase…