A Definitive Solution to Drive-in + Heat + Bugs: Screen and Magnets

Window screen plus magnets plus Jetta.

The magnets are in aisle 10 at Canadian Tire in Charlottetown, where the nuts and bolts are displayed; personally I would have put them with the Velcro or the glue, but I can see their logic just as well.

Postscript: it worked like a charm. Not only were we cool (and cooler as the night wore on), but we didn’t have to run the fan from time to time to defog the windshield. It felt weird being at the drive-in with the windows “open,” as we’ve always had to keep them closed to keep the bugs out. The cart next to us was a VW Beetle convertible that kept its top down throughout the film, and dealt with the bugs via bug spray; this mean we also had to be quiet(er).


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Ray on July 29, 2018 - 08:48 Permalink

Oh this image screams of a patent opportunity “a screen window for cars”. Vehicles could have a 2nd (inner) window made of pest & pet tear resistant screen.

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Susan White on July 29, 2018 - 13:12 Permalink


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Frances on July 29, 2018 - 14:31 Permalink

Anaphylaxis and travelling in a car on PE without a/c and the window down can be quite uncomfortable given the risk of a yellow jacket wasp or bee or deer fly blowing in. There is a market!