Dave and Dorothy Get Married

Eleven years ago I brought my car to Dave’s Service Centre for the first time.

The garage was on St. Peters Road back then, in a building long-since-demolished.

A year or two after that first visit—Dave had become my regular mechanic by that time—Dorothy joined him, running the front-of-house. Indeed, the move from St. Peter’s Road down to Belmont Street was precipitated by Dorthy’s insistence they find new space, after a concrete chunk of that original building fell off; she found the space on Belmont on Kijiji that same afternoon.

Dave and Dorothy helped me keep my 2000 VW Jetta on the road for almost 20 years. Every year that the Jetta carried on, we celebrated; it became a joint project to see how long we could keep it on the road.

When I purchased an electric car in 2019, I was afraid that I’d have to go elsewhere for service. But it turns out that the Kia Soul EV, mechanically, outside of the engine, is just a regular old Kia Soul. So I continue to take it to Dave and Dorothy for brakes, winter tires, yearly inspection.

This summer, as I was picking up my car after a brake job, and chatting with Dave and Dorothy, as I often do, Dorothy mentioned that they were getting married this weekend.

When I took Lisa‘s car back a few weeks later, Dorothy gave me an invitation to the wedding reception.

Dave and Dorothy are exceptional people: kind, honest, resourceful, good at explaining complicated things. They’re good businesspeople because they care about building long term relationships with their customers; it comes naturally to them.

So, of course, Lisa and I went to their wedding reception last night, down at the Merchantman. It was a great do: good food, friendly people, and a lot of love for Dorothy and Dave.

This being PEI, it turns out that Lisa and Dorothy are cousins, through the Uigg and Vernon River MacLeods. There was much family-connection-making, and I felt like I’d unlocked a new level of Islanderhood by simple proximity.

Congratulations to Dave and Dorothy on their wedding. I’ll be in for my MVI in a few weeks.