The Danish Coworking Boat

My friend Henriette Weber, whose imagination is a true force of nature, has hatched a new plan: PAN 2.0. She’s turning her great-grandparents’ boat into a coworking space:

So those of you who has been following this blog knows that I have had a dream during the last couple of years to turn my great grandparents old LM23 into a danish coworking space placed whereever the boat may be. It looks like a mess — but I am so sure it’s gonna be great. Anyway we are retronizing the boat — which means that we are going to turn it back into the original state

Henriette is making some great videos of the project as she goes along, like this one:

You can buy a share in the endeavour for 500 DKK (about $100 Canadian), which is really something you should do if you ever anticipate the need for a floating coworking space in Denmark (and who among us hasn’t).