Cycling with a side of transphobic sexism

Olivia and I undertook our most ambitious cycle journey yet, cycling from our house, across the Hillsborough Bridge, and into deepest Stratford to have supper at the Fox Meadow golf club. Return trip was about 12 km, and, despite the steep grade up Kinlock Road to Fox Meadow, we cycled there and back with no problems.

Well, no cycling problems.

As we were arriving at the golf club a party was leaving the restaurant and one of the men made a sexist, transphobic comment to Olivia. Which happened to be her first since she came out.

He was probably a little drunk, and golf clubs are not known as beacons of enlightenment, but sexism and transphobia are wrong. Period. No matter the state of the asshole, no matter the venue.

Our supper—lacklustre food, excellent service, great view—was thus taken up with a survey course in discrimination, with Olivia doing most of the talking.

Fortunately, on the cycle home (after stopping at Sobeys for the first strawberries of the year), we overheard the musical stylings of Todd E. MacLean at The Lucky Bean, doing a benefit for Blooming House.

So, of course, we stopped, made a donation (you can too!), enjoyed some cocoa and Sinatra, and appreciated extra-especially the pride flag flying out front.


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Thelma on June 27, 2021 - 07:39 Permalink

This breaks my heart. Sending you and Olivia light and love.