Curbside Giveaway FTW

As part of Waste Reduction Week, the City of Charlottetown organized a Curbside Giveaway today:

A curbside giveaway will take place on Sunday, October 25. This event provides Charlottetown residents a new way to get rid of clutter and find new treasures. Those wishing to participate are encouraged to place unwanted items that are in good condition at the end of the driveway/curb and follow all Curbside Giveaway etiquette, as detailed at the City’s website below. All items must be cleaned/disinfected before being placed at the curb and after taken to their new home. All unclaimed items must be removed from the curbside by sundown on October 25.

I’m on a critical path schedule to empty Catherines studio before the end of the month, and so this came along at exactly the right time.

And it worked: by the end of the day everything I put out was gone, save a microwave oven and a teapot.

Among the things that found new homes: three armchairs, two desk chairs, a wooden stool, an old wooden barrel, an electric drill, an electric jigsaw, a desk lamp, a set of IKEA shelves, two artist easels, a cobbler’s clamp, a shoe rack, a whiteboard, a box of extension cords, three large colourful pillows, two fleece blankets, and a framed watercolour.

I would have taken a photo of everything, but as quickly as I brought things to the sidewalk, they were gone.

This was a huge help: it was the push I needed toward the cleanup finish line, it kept things out of the garbage, and a bunch of people got things they needed, for free.


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Renee Blanchette on October 26, 2020 - 07:04 Permalink

Good for you. My husband is very sick with Parkinson’s and was no longer able to use his guitar studio so I spent a week cleaning it out from a lifetime of music and it is now rented as an apartment and giving us extra income in my retirement. He is living quite comfortably but cannot talk to me so it is lonely. My sister’s husband died 7 years ago and her process was slow but steady. I just started reading your blog and just wanted to say “Bravo”!