Crisis in the Hipsterverse

We have gotten into the habit of going to Receiver Coffee’s pizza-pasta night on Thursdays at the Brass Shop. The food is tasty, the price reasonable, the staff friendly and the vibe as mainline hipster as Charlottetown gets.

Last night, though, something was off: we showed up just after 6:00 p.m. expecting the usual packed room but found ourselves the only customers. While a few more people dribbled in over the next hour, relatively speaking the Brass Shop was deserted.

It turns out that counter-programmed against pizza-pasta night was a soft opening of the new Upstreet downtown beer store in the old Tweels at Kent and University.

The overlapping region of the Venn diagram of pizza-pasta hipsters and beer hipsters runs strong; it seems that we three were among the few sitting outside it.

Who would have ever thought that such a scheduling crisis would ever afflict Charlottetown.


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Robert on March 19, 2018 - 04:49 Permalink

It's all about novelty. I'd recommend to the restaurant to change their specialties, and add in a local craft brewery centric liquor menu, which they change every keg as they become available. The cost for the keg taps could be covered by the brewery (small price to pay for local awareness) and the liquor license will more than be covered by the costs.

Just a thought, hope it helps. I hate to see companies fail, but I also love to see new companies succeed. Pivoting is important.

Robert L. Angus
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