Crapaud vs. Kinkora

Ask an Islander where you can get a cup of tea near Crapaud on a cold winter’s afternoon and I’d hazard a guess that very few would recommend Kinkora: although the two communities are near each other, they inhabit distinct regions of the psychgeographic Prince Edward Island landscape.

This is partly due history: Kinkora is historically Catholic, Crapaud historically Protestant. They’re in different counties—Kinkora in Prince and Crapaud just across the border in Queens—and in different electoral districts.

Geography does not foster close ties either: the area between them, encompassing Maple Plains and Lady Fane, has only tertiary roads running through it, and both Kinkora and Crapaud lie on major east-west routes.

And yet you can drive between them in 15 minutes, even in winter, and the roads are well-plowed and the scenery compelling.

But ask an Islander in Crapaud running low on gas where they’d drive for a fill-up, and about half would say New Haven, about half would say Borden, and very few, unless Kinkorian themselves, would head to Kinkora (even though Borden, New Haven and Kinkora are all the same distance).

I took advantage of Kinkora’s proximity today, while Oliver was studying art in Crapaud, drove the 15 minutes northwest, and enjoyed a Caesar salad and a pot of tea in O’Shea’s Pub & Eatery.

What an interesting Island we live on.


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Christina Clorey on February 26, 2019 - 09:47 Permalink

Kinkora also boasts a spa (Spa 225) where you can get hot stone massages of all things! And the gas station even has a reasonable wine selection sometimes.

Had to plug my family's hometown ;)