Corrections and clarifications via RSS

The (other) Guardian’s Corrections and clarifications section is among my favourite destinations to check daily, made easier by being available as an RSS feed.

Two musical gems from yesterday:

  • Despite what you have been singing in the shower, the first line of Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon is “Desert loving in your eyes all the way”, not “There’s a loving in your eyes all the way” as we had it (Pass notes 4,278, 5 May, G2, page 3).
  • In an interview, Green Gartside described the brightness of Joni Mitchell’s musical ascent as pyrotechnic and her vocal runs as melismatic. Mistranscriptions rendered these as “psychedelic” and “melodramatic” (‘She took off like a rocket’, 22 June, G2, page 8).

Another runner in the night.