Copenhagen SIM Redux

Like last year, I used a Telia pre-paid SIM card in my mobile phone this year in Denmark. The SIM costs 100 DKK, which includes 100 DKK of credit. I used the phone mostly for data access, both also sent some SMS and made a few calls. I checked my balance on the way onto the airplane yesterday, and it seems that, for me, 100 DKK is exactly the right amount of credit to have, as my balance on leaving Denamrk was 0,02 DKK:

100 DKK used in Two Weeks

Here’s how my usage broke down over the two weeks:

  • Sending 16 SMS: 32,10 DKK
  • Data (email, web): 55,32 DKK
  • Received 6 calls: 0 DKK
  • Placed 4 calls: 12,56 DKK

The big sinkholes were the ten SMS I sent to “overseas” numbers — friends in Sweden and Germany who happened to be also in Denmark at the time — at 3,00 DKK each.

The 55,32 DKK (about $11 Canadian) got me 2766 KB (or 2.7 MB) of data, which I used mostly to check email when out and about, and to surf and Jaiku. The same usage on my pre-paid plan on Rogers Wireless in Canada would have cost me $138 (where the rate is 5 cents/KB).