Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness” Adult Anxiety Program

Our family was helped greatly by the Strongest Families program in 2017, and emerged as believers in their tele-mental-health approach that allowed us to receive coaching, as a family together, at home.

If you’re an adult experiencing anxiety and nervousness, you may want to look into the Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness program that Strongest Families now offers:

This program educates adults about anxiety and guides them as they learn skills to overcome their anxiety, excessive worry and how to cope with major life stressors. This program provides adults with a manual or access to a secure website, videos, relaxation audio clips, daily anxiety tracker, a supporter guide, and weekly telephone support from a coach. Adults can receive weekly telephone coaching support through either one on one coaching, or through our group-based program with other adults who share similar challenges. This program is effective at decreasing anxiety and stress; and increasing confidence and independence.

You can self-refer, and the program seems tailor made for these times of both increased anxiety and social distancing.