Confederation Country Cabinet: The Book

Remember the Confederation Country Cabinet project that I made a small contribution to this spring?

Well I was delighted to receive a copy of the book that Brenda Whiteway arranged to have produced by the talented Judy Gaudet that details the genesis and execution of the cabinet. As someone whose head was deep inside the project for many months, the greatest role the book plays is allowing me insight to the other artists who were busy making their contributions at the same time.

Like Joe McAskill, the woodworker who brought the cabinet itself to life:

The Cabinet (snippet of book)

And Brenda herself, who not only spun flax into linen, but who actually grew the flax herself:

Brenda (snipped from book)

There’s a story about each of the potters who crafted drinking vessels – one per Father of Confederation – along with a photo of each:

Some of the potters (snippet from book)

And an embarrassing number of photos of me at the printing press:

Me at the press (snippet from book)

The book is available for purchase online and you can also preview the entire thing there in its full-colour 30 page glory. Because it’s a “print on demand” project, there are absolutely no economies of scale to the printing, so it’s not an inexpensive tract. But as a result you can order it in any of hardcover, hardcover with dust jacket or soft cover.