Compass: Behind the Scenes

Thanks to the kindness of Compass producer Tracy Lightfoot, here are some “behind the scenes” photos of Bruce Rainnie on set during the broadcast. Some interesting things (at least to me):

  • Bruce is wearing jeans. I’d always assumed he was nattily dressed from head to toe. This is going to affect how I watch the news.
  • The Darryl Sittler Wikipedia entry is open in Internet Explorer on the laptop.
  • Bruce can see Boomer. I’d always wondered.

Thanks again to Tracy for sending these along via Twitter.

Compass Autocue

Bruce Rainnie's Laptop

Bruce Rainnie and the Lights


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Dave on February 18, 2011 - 12:48 Permalink

Nattily”, apparently, means the exact opposite of what I expected. I have learned something.