Collateral Damage

I am, my former travel companions will tell you, somewhat obsessive about the small details of travel. As such, here’s what’s gone wrong (and right) so far:

  • After taking the trouble to clean and straighten the cord on my Shure e2c earphones, which I use with my iPod, I left them on the dining room table at home.
  • The zipper on my inside pocket on my 3-day old Marks Work Wearhouse fleece jacket broke. Perhaps I should have gone to MEC like Dan and Isaac suggested.
  • The nameplate was ripped from the front of my rolling suitcase. As this was some sort of made up Zellers-related nameplate, this isn’t such a bad thing.
  • There is now free wifi (Datavalet) in the Air Canada Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3. And a PC with broadband. Last time I was here, in February, it was dial-up only.
  • There is, for some reason, free wifi here in the Terminal 1 departure lounge at Heathrow — SSID is “Wifi Zone — The Cloud”.
  • Plazes has the wrong country code for Lichtenstein in the Plazes SMS registration page — I’m sure they’ll correct it soon — so no Plazes SMS updates for now.
  • Jaiku doesn’t seem to be accepting web-based presence updates right now. In other words, as soon as I need them, both of my “location based” tools are in the shop.
  • If you ever print your British Airways boarding pass at home (you can do this up to 24 hours before flying), make sure you bring all of the pages — I was rejected at security because I left the second page, which contained only a duplicate bar code and the page footer at home and I needed to get a new boarding card printed. Thankfully I was taken pity on by a kindly agent, and didn’t have to line up for this.

I’ll relax soon, I promise…