Closed Doors

Push Plate It’s only when you try pushing a stoller around for a week that you realize just how hostile we have designed our world for people who aren’t walking through doors on two feet. Oliver and I spent last week roaming in and around Summerside while Catherine was in hospital and I was shocked by just how non-accessible the doors of the city were.
We encountered everything from the front doors at the Linkletter hotel, with no automatic door openers at all, to the County Fair Shoppers Drug Mart which had broken automatic doors.
Worst of all, however, is the Blockbuster Video location in Charlottetown which has two sets of automatic doors going in, one of which is broken (leaving one trapped between two sets of doors), and no automatic doors going out (leaving one trapped inside the store).
Automatic door openers are readily available. If you run a business that doesn’t have them, please have them installed; if you don’t, you’re inconveniencing many people, turning away customers, and just plain not doing the Right Thing.