The Clock

An interesting week, as it turns out, on the Clock front.

After I sent out a Communique on Wednesday to the CBC and The Guardian both picked up the story.

On Wednesday afternoon I did an interview with Dave Stewart from The Guardian and they ran the story in today’s edition (not on the web, alas).

And on Thursday afternoon I met up with Paddy Moore, working for Mainstreet for a week while on sabattical from his regular gig as online news reporter at CBC Ottawa, and Paddy produced a piece for the afternoon show on Thursday (also not on the web, alas).

Both Paddy and Dave approached the story with good humour, as did Neil Blanchard, area manager for that Bank of Montreal.

The final irony, as Paddy Moore found out, was that Mr. Blanchard had fought for the clock when the BMO was renovating the branch several years ago and head office decided they were getting out of the clock business.

Catherine Hennessey says the situation isn’t over yet and they clock may live to see another day. Here’s hoping.


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Andrew on August 11, 2002 - 17:29 Permalink

I hope they deside to fix the clock and not take it down. How much would it actually cost to keep a clock in working order? Don’t they just require a battery or hardwired power supply?