City and Regional Magazine Association Conference

The program for the 2006 City and Regional Magazine Association Conference has been released. I’m speaking in the “Production” track and my talk is described, somewhat open-endedly, as:

Web 2.0 — An introduction to current Web technologies that publishers can take advantage of now or in the near future. Discussion will include RSS, blogs, podcasting, social software, tags, Flickr, and Google Maps.

While my friends upstairs get all jiggly about the Web 2.0 meme, what I’m really interested in talking about is less “bubble 2.0” and more “how traditional print publishers can stop thinking of themselves as ‘print publications with an accidental website’ and more as ‘actors in a network’ ”. Which sounds, perhaps, equally pretentious. But it’s also where the “why doesn’t my magazine have an RSS feed?” conversation has to start.