Cirque du Soleil in Charlottetown

If, like me, you’re averse to the notion of fencing public parks for expensive touristic events, you still have a chance to see Cirque du Soleil this week in Charlottetown, as part of their show – the foreplay, if you will – happens outside the gated fortress: every night’s performance begins with a parade down Great George Street from Province House to the water.

Milling around the house tonight around 8:30 p.m. I sensed that something was going on up at Province House – it’s only half a block away – and so I grabbed Oliver and we headed over. Over the next hour it became obvious that a dress rehearsal was in the works: the police motorcycle showed up, the Minister of Tourism showed up, and then lots of tourismocrats holding walkie-talkies landed. And at 9:30 things suddenly sprang to life. It’s an awfully impressive entertainment: juggling, fire-breathing, stilt-walking. They even light Great George Street on fire.

If tonight’s dress rehearsal was any guide – lots of people showed up, out of nowhere – there are going to be crowds. My advice: show up early, say around 8:30, and set yourself up close to the street around Great George and Dorchester: that way you’ll get the best view of the fire-intensive activities, and you’ll be well-positioned to stand up and follow things down for the finish.


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Lucero Paez Quiñones on August 25, 2010 - 00:38 Permalink

As a visitor in Charlottetown, last June I was so happy to see the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL; it was a wonderful event not to be forgotten. I’ve travelled from Colombia, South America and I’m very pleased to know that they will visit us in Bogota for next november.
Vous êtes les bienvenus!!!
Lucero Paez Quiñones