Chocolate Bar Alert

I am usually not a fan of the OhHenry bar — if only because of their inane advertising.

But the new “limited edition” OhHenry bar with honey roasted peanuts is dreamy. Something about salt and sugar and peanuts and chocolate is really, really good.
OhHenry Bar Wrapper

An earlier version of this “limited edition” OhHenry won an award from the Packaging Association of Canada. The designer’s statement was as follows:

The inspiration for this award winning package design came during the client briefing when the bar was described as having an “explosion of honey roasted peanuts.” Working with Hershey’s technical team, we recommended a foil substrait for strongest shelf impact.
I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that it is someone’s job to think about things like this — to be excited at the prospect of translating “explosion of honey roasted peanuts” into a yellow panorama of flying peanuts.

Comparing that original design to the one above, I wonder if the client blurted out something like “it’s like a wave of saucy sticky stingy honey bee goodness.”