Check the tape

Catherine Hennessey gets the Order of CanadaCatherine Hennessey doesn’t have a VCR.

Or rather she does have one, but it was built in 1972, weighs about 75 pounds, and doesn’t fit into her aesthetic.  I think she stores it in the barn at Cranberry Wharf.

Tonight the Discovery Channel is showing a documentary on the Hillsborough River, and Catherine wants a tape of it.  We have a VCR, and so she asked me to record it. 

She dropped off a theoretically blank tape in our vestibule this afternoon, and then left a phone message later on: “you might want to check that tape I left, I think there might be something on it.” 

It turns out that the “something” was “only” the tape of her induction into the Order of Canada last July.

We’re on the way to Shopper’s Drug Mart to buy a new blank tape.