Charlottetown Sewer and Water Online

There was a time when the idea of receiving household bills electronically was anathema: what if the email didn’t arrive and my electricity or water got cut off!?

I got over that, and I’ve been refining a kick-ass bill management workflow for many years now that makes bill payment an easy joy.

The one hole in this system was Charlottetown Sewer and Water, which continued to send me a paper bill every month. Paper bills that got waylaid, and paid laid, and left unfiled.

Until this month, when, as announced today, a new online portal was launched: there’s now a slick, modern, featureful tool for receiving and paying Sewer and Water bills, with consumption history (downloadable as a CSV file!) back to 2015. It even has two-factor authentication (which even my credit union doesn’t yet support).  

Screen Shot of Sewer and Water Portal

I’ve got the new downloadable digital bills integrated into my workflow now. And I paid my most recent bill on time!