Charlottetown Radio Station Coverage Maps

I don’t know how current their information is (or even what their information is), but here are coverage area maps for Charlottetown radio stations: CFCY, Magic 93, CHTN-AM, CBC Radio One, and CBC Radio Two.


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Kevin on July 23, 2006 - 16:10 Permalink

What looks like an ‘impossible’ patter on the CFCY/CHTN maps is achieved by loading three antennas with different amounts of signal. When stations broadcast from a single antenna, such as CBC, the patter is pretty much circular; but not perfectly so, as the map shows, due to terrain features. If you’re driving west through Cornwall (the old North River) on the left is the transmitter assembly for CFCY/CHTN consisting of three antennas that’s where their magic happens.

Another thing which might be thought odd, (if my information/memory is correct) is that there are foot-wide, several-hundred-feet long strips of copper running radially out from the base of the towers in North River (under the feet of the cows in the field). That copper provides a “ground plane” which extends the signal to a larger area similarly to what one notices over salt water — salt water groundplaining is what allows Islanders to listen to NYC radio stations (1010 WINS, etc..) at night.

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Sonja on July 26, 2006 - 18:27 Permalink

I thought CFCY and Magic 93 were broadcast from the 3 antennae in North River, while CHTN was broadcasting from the 2 antennae in Rocky Point?

With CHTN owner NewCap’s newly-commissioned Ocean 100.3 and K-Rock 105.5 transmitting from the CBC transmitter in Churchill and the CHTN AM signal disappearing after October, I presume Rocky Point transmitters will be removed.