Charlottetown Race Week

A week or so ago I happened to have a period where The Guardian was mistakenly delivered to my door every morning. One day I opened the mistaken paper and a tabloid titled “Charlottetown Race Week” dropped out. For a brief second, until I clued in, I thought that our fair city had been struck by a sudden expression of racial openness to the extent that an entire week had been dedicated to exploring the issues of race in modern Prince Edward Island.

Then reality struck, and I realized it was all about yachts.


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D Rodgerson on July 18, 2004 - 22:43 Permalink

Just raced this years race week,first get the classes divided equally so there isn’t a big gap between top and bottom, secondly you can’t change the rules after the race is over no matter how many juries you have ( It shouldn’t have been heard)I been going there for a few years and there is always something going on that discourages people to bring their boats from other places, either race committees, rule changes or handicaps. Other than that It was a good time. PS get the results up sooner.