Charlottetown Eating Out Update

The hot and sour soup at Interlude (Kent St., across from the fire hall) rocked my world today. It’s one of those foods that can have you thinking “I had no idea that simple food could be combined into flavours like this.” Meanwhile, Ann is trying to convince me to go to the Golden Wok to try theirs.

Viva’s, nee Eddie’s Lunch, has a “new owner” sign on the front door. I must admit to feeling guilt pangs about leaving the place in a lurch after being a regular customer for three years: moving my office uptown has meant that it’s no longer in my eating orbit. Anyone know what’s up there?

A reminder that Campbell Webster’s favourite resturant, The Town and Country, on Queen St. beside city hall, is turning forty years old in April. My friend Gary revealed last night that back in the 1970s he took his meals there regularly, while squatting in Beaconsfield. Their big rounds tables are unique in Charlottetown. Wish them well next time you’re there.

Catherine and I ate at Angel’s (Belvedere Ave. across from the Superstore) again a couple of weeks ago, and had another good experience. While there we learned that chef/owner Ken Zakem provides a weekly free pasta buffet on Sunday afternoons, with transportation from Trius Tours, to clients of the Upper Room food bank; kudos to Ken for this brave and generous act.

Something appears to be falling apart at Timothy’s Coffee on Kent Street: the last two times I’ve been in, there’s been a line 5 or 6 people deep. Sunday was the worst, with customers waiting 10 or 15 minutes just to get a coffee. Perhaps I’m getting less patient in my old age. Perhaps they need to staff up. Probably a little bit of both. They still have good coffee and good food.


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Cyn on March 18, 2004 - 21:06 Permalink

I’ve been to the ex-viva’s twice and both times I had fish ‘n chips and both times I liked it. The portion was way too big but it was tasty.
I think the new name is Marina Cafe. The menu has changed, but still features a good selection of Lebanese and Canadian dishes. The daily specials are things like hot hamburger and what nots. Prices are about the same as Viva’s, a little more I think. And as important, if not more, the guy/owner/server is a hunk, and friendly too.