Charlottetown CCTV on OpenStreetMap

Using this man_made=surveillance page as a guide, I’ve started to add the new Charlottetown Police Service CCTV cameras to OpenStreetMap. You can see the position of one here.

OpenStreetMap + CCTV

I’m adding them each with the following tags:

  • man_made = surveillance
  • name = eWatch Camera
  • operator = Charlottetown Police Service
  • surveillance = outdoor
  • surveillance:type = camera
  • surveillance:zone = town

While the cameras don’t render on the main OpenStreetMap slippy map, they do, however, render on the purpose-built site, a project that, helpfully, has released its source code.


You are welcome to join the effort as new cameras sprout up in your neighbourhood; once we’ve reached a critical mass, perhaps we can create a similar Charlottetown-focused resource.