Changing Environs in Metal

Catherine’s show, Changing Environs, has been open at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery since the beginning of the month; it’s really quite wonderful, and one of the highpoints of my day is wandering through the Centre lobby on the way to or from coffee and seeing something I didn’t see before (can there be any greater gift from a love than the opportuntity to see into their soul through their art?). 

The “official opening” (where there’s wine and cheese and talk of “conceptual intentionality”) is coming up on February 24, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. at the Centre, and you are all heartily invited (Catherine’s parents will be here, and they live in Ontario!). I started work – late, admitedly, but better than never – on the invitation for the opening; it will be printed in two colours on my letterpress, and here’s the black set up and almost ready to print:

Changing Environs Invitation Typeset

I hope to have these printed and off into the hands of patrons of the arts Friday or Monday.