Question to broadcast people: why is the web stream of KPIG a crystal-clear 128KB (CD-quality) while the web stream of CBC Toronto a muddy 8KB (poorer than AM radio quality)? Is it simply economics?

Addendum: The Windows Media Player version of CBC Toronto’s signal is a 16KB stream that sounds almost AM-quality.


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Alan on December 2, 2001 - 19:49 Permalink

[A radio head as well…Ms. M. Brown says we share an alarmingly similar set of interests]…anyway, one thing I do not understand about web radio is the different quality of the same station on the same computer day to day. Most prone to this is BBC Scotland which one day sounds like a CD and the next like a 1.98 AM transistor set in a juice can. I have just put on KPIG and am impressed that on my 75 pentium 28.8 the sound is reasonable FM. I do not know why CBC is going cheap on this medium — BBC is cutting transmitters for SW in N. Am as anyone who listens has real audio as well.

Any other favorite stations? Or an index site?