CBC Redux

I take back what I said about the CBC’s war coverage earlier today: I’ve just watched The National, and they had some of their best reporting ever, and certainly the best reporting on The War I’ve seen anywhere. I could still do without Mansbridge, and the talking “retired military officer” heads, but reporters like Adrienne Arsenault are doing a fine job.


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Alan on March 21, 2003 - 14:44 Permalink

Having been sick and sitting in a hotel my first weeks of work, I have been clicking constantly and award best correspondent to Patrick Brown of CBC who is sitting in the North in a Kurdish area making fun of CNN rumor reporting — said he was having tea in a cafe where missiles had reportedly landed.

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art on March 21, 2003 - 14:59 Permalink

Whatever the highs and lows of CBC

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Rob Paterson on March 22, 2003 - 02:44 Permalink

The CNN Test
How long can you last on CNN — for me it is about 15 -30 minutes?

Now my find has been PBS — especially Margaret Warner

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Rob Paterson on March 22, 2003 - 02:47 Permalink

By the way Now that Jeanie Lee is away — have you noticed a certain buzz when she and Ian Hanomansing (can’t spell — why do all the CBC guys have completly unspellable names these days)talk. Robin and I have a $5.0 bet that they are or have got it on at some time
What does your radar tell you?

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Peter Rukavina on March 22, 2003 - 04:00 Permalink

Rob, you have an unspellable name yourself (my natural inclination is to type two ‘t’s). Catherine sold Hanomansing a painting at the Confederation Centre last summer, and indicated a similar buzz: I think he’s just naturally charismatic. I think he’s got the same buzz with Todd Maffin. This raises an interesting idea from the past, though: a subcription website the content of which would consist entirely of CBC gossip.

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Johnny on March 22, 2003 - 05:05 Permalink

Jodi and I have often speculated whether or not Peter Mansbridge and Adrienne Arsenault have ever shared more than a microphone.

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Rob Paterson on March 22, 2003 - 15:02 Permalink

Boomer and Roger?
Definitely not Boomer and Sarah

I am actually rather keen on Todd Maffin myself — the Geek with Charisma. He filled in for Bill R for a week and was really great — deserves his own show

By the way do you find CBC on Saturday as awful as I do now?

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Rob Paterson on March 22, 2003 - 15:05 Permalink

PS I miss Shelagh so much — now there’s a babe! I go for the personality and the voice everytime

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Kevin on March 22, 2003 - 23:24 Permalink

How could anyone not glow in front of Jeanie Lee’s glint… Ian’s been smitten but not clobbered I think. Can’t say what but there’s some (hot stuff) in CBC Ch that would make that website a sure fire hit Pete.

I don’t know what a Todd Maffin is, but they guy playing it is the best I’ve ever seen.

I wonder how they all cope with it… it really is some of the most delicious, yet somehow tasteful, gossip in the country; part of the culture.

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madamex on March 24, 2003 - 16:09 Permalink

what hot stuff?

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Alan on March 24, 2003 - 16:28 Permalink

Wow — holy thread warp! That being said, local CBC personality Carmen Kilkenny has the most amazing voice. Perhaps Steve R. can comment on the off-air reality of same.