CBC Promo Girl Outed


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Teresa Frechette on May 20, 2005 - 12:04 Permalink

Can’t stand; I change the channel. She is so obnoxious. Do you know anyone who really talks that way? It was not a good move for the CBC.

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Teresa Frechette on May 20, 2005 - 12:06 Permalink

Minor edit to above comment: “Can’t stand her…..”

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Pimento Jones on July 5, 2005 - 20:34 Permalink

These Promo Grrrl Magical Misery pieces have a
way of intruding on otherwise interesting
programs and turning them into a tranished
pieces of shameless commercialism.

Her tone and the whole tone of these not-so
little snippets are condescending,
self-referential and plum annoying.

I listen to the CBC to get away from all that
mainstream codswallop, flapdoddle and forced

All my friends love the CBC but can’t stand
these things.

These contrived pieces of annoying fluff should
be called Promo Girl in “The Case of How She
Wastes My Time”.

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Kevin O on July 6, 2005 - 19:01 Permalink

Hmmm.. such tooing and froing!

Promo Girrl is alright with me. Regardless, I get a rash whenever CBC makes flying leaps in the direction of yet MORE pop-culture. (Perhaps that reaction has something to do with the underlying irony of a pop-cultureGENIC organization trying to catch their own tail as it were.) But, if it please the court, lemme explain:

Within the apoplectic holosphere created by the kitch-it-up*dumb-it-down virus which CBC Radio caught around the time CBC TV’s COMPASS became Canada Now, Promo Girrl has, to my ear, never been especially offensive.

There is nothing new on CBC Radio which hasn’t been done, and overdone, by commercial radio 25 years ago with the possible exception of Out Front and a well-orchestrated “who is she?” campaign to promote Promo Girrl. I just don’t understand the outraged fuss. Perhaps it’s as feigned as her (formerly) secret identity.

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Ken Barth on July 21, 2005 - 15:51 Permalink

I agree that it interupts local programing, primarily stories about what is going on in the community. Frankly I put a CD in when “she” comes on!

Nevertheless I still appreciate the CBC.


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Maxine Munroe on October 18, 2005 - 22:09 Permalink

I don’t want to hear “Promo Girl” anymore. Using here seems another ridiculous attempt to attract younger listeners. CBC would be wise to not aliente the audience they have and they should determine if this silliness has attracted anyone.

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Lilian Foster on October 21, 2005 - 05:26 Permalink

I can’t stand promo girl
She annoys me no end with that voice and the waty she intrudes into our programmes every bloody day.
She must go!!!ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!

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Tom Anderson on October 22, 2005 - 09:26 Permalink

I feel like screaming each time she comes on. This has got to be the stupidest gimmick CBC has ever assaulted us with. Not only is Promo Girl irritating, I find that she intrudes into the thoughts and ideas that often linger after an interview or whatever — which shows an incredible lack of respect for the listener. Whoever’s bright idea this was should be fired!

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Robert Sutton on October 29, 2005 - 13:33 Permalink

I have to agree with the previous posters. To listen to the dignified well presented CBC programming only to have it interrupted by her unrealistic extremely inflected voice in her 30 second spots is very irritating.

Yes, WHO normally talks like that?

Speaking as someone who used to work in radio, she does have a great voice… for COMMERCIAL RADIO. But it doesnt fit on the CBC. I have always enjoyed CBC because it sounds professional, not commercial.

Glad to see the labor dispute has been resolved.

… a listener in the states.

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Sarah on November 15, 2005 - 23:03 Permalink

I detest Promo Girl. The absence of her voice was the only good thing to come of the CBC lockout.

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Nancy Rahtz on November 23, 2005 - 19:26 Permalink

My goodness. Such over-the-top invective from previous commenters. I love Promo Girl. Her bits were wry, whimsical, clever, funny, and she has a wonderful radio voice. I hope I’m never too old to enjoy a little silliness once in a while.

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JJJohnson on November 29, 2005 - 02:21 Permalink

Glad that CBC is back, but does anyone know of software that can filter out Old Perky, or Perky old Promo Girl?

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pbrider on January 16, 2006 - 19:40 Permalink

The name “Promo Girl” says it all for me. I don’t want to listen to a girl on CBC—I want to listen to intelligent, reasoned and mature thought and insight. To hear the strange juxtaposition of the silliness of promo-girl and the levity of the newsreader’s voice is, frankly, absurd.

I can tune into a thousand other stations if I want to listen to trite advertising messages spoken by someone who seems to have little understanding of the way the English language is supposed to be spoken.

The CBC has always been a sane alternative to commercial radio and, in my opinion, should remain so. The inclusion of “Promo Girl” threatens to create a CBC that is merely a hybrid of the two and, as such, cannot satisfy those in either the “commercial” or the “intelligent” radio camps.

The promo messages and the way they are delivered are intrustive and jarring—particularly after a thoughtful piece of commentary or a beautiful piece of music. Like many others who have posted on this page, I turn the offending nuisance off, but then often miss the beginning of the news I tuned in to hear in the first place.

I look forward to the CBC finding a more adult way of maintaining its “relevance” to the Canadian public.

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Maddie on May 15, 2006 - 05:20 Permalink

Promo girl has got to go!!!! SO VERY ANNOYING!
Enough already!!

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Rick Jemmett on July 13, 2006 - 16:42 Permalink

It would appear based on much of this thread that this blog should be re-named SOF (stodgy old farts).

Promo girl is a breath of fresh air at an institution that can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. I agree that CBC radio represents perhaps the only mature, thoughtful choice on Canadian radio airwaves. I agree that its recent attempts to appeal to a younger, allegedly more hip audience (as in DNTO ever since its original host split) is annoying — but does this preclude it from having a sexy giggle now and again? I pretty much lose it every time the dear woman says ‘Newfoundland’!!

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Nick Oliarnyk on August 1, 2006 - 14:14 Permalink

I cannot think of a word that adequately describes my dislike of this woman’s inane and irritating introductions. She has, long since, displaced the former Canadian Tire man as the person you would most like to see on a melting iceberg. When she comes on, the radio goes off. I am equally enamoured of The Voice.

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David on December 23, 2006 - 00:39 Permalink

Has Promo Girl been let go? I haven’t heard her for a couple of weeks now, though it could just be due to the Xmas holiday. Some young guy is doing the promos, and — surprise! — he’s not annoying. Anyway, I am hoping against hope that she’s gone.

Although I loathe Promo Girl, I detest “The Voice” who introduces The Current even more (if that’s possible). He has never been funny; rather, his sorry attempt at satire is totally the wrong tone to set for what is otherwise an outstanding program. I turn off “The Voice” as he’s about to come on, then turn it back on when I think it’s safe.

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Peter Rukavina on December 23, 2006 - 13:23 Permalink

There was a story in the paper recently — or was it on the web? — about how Promo Girl is on haitus shooting movies. Promo Boy is her temporary replacement.

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Jean Suriano on January 4, 2007 - 14:46 Permalink

Please….say it isn’t so….she’s ba-a-a-ck. I, too, had hoped that Promo Girl had run her course, and that the pleasant-voiced young man was our welcome relief. I absolutely detest that cutesy, irritating tone of voice, and turn off the radio as soon as I hear her. Come on CBC, give us a break.

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robert on January 26, 2007 - 15:39 Permalink

Had such a burst of hope on reading the early posts above, only to find that Promo Girl MAY BE COMING BACK?!?!
CBC, if you have to rehabilitate her for some reason (is she related to someone at the top of the food chain?), Promo Boy should be made her mentor. Put under his strict supervision and do not let her utter a syllable until he has certified her free from all obnoxious traces.
What if we put her to the test? Lock Promo Girl and Sheilagh Rogers in a room with a table, two chairs, cameras, and an endless supply of Wonder Bread and CheezWhiz. Whoever survives this Encounter of the Syrupy Fa