Cavendish Beach Through the Back Door

This is, I think, our 14th summer on Prince Edward Island. And yet until last weekend we had never been to Cavendish Beach — the sort of “grand dame” of PEI beaches with the tourist set.

But, what with all the “day at the beach” frenzy swirling around us, we decided that Sunday would be a good day to try. Our resolve was enhanced when we discovered that access to the beach through “Cavendish Grove” — the rebadged fun-free Rainbow Valley — is free (it would have cost us almost $20 to go through the normal route).

The only thing you have to put up with to take this option is a 1 km hike to the beach. Fortunately it’s a nice hike through the woods. Always ready to walk a kilometer to save $20, we were sold.

It has been reported that “[e]ventually, Parks Canada intends to make Cavendish Grove the main entrance to this section of the national park, meaning a longer walk to Cavendish Beach.” So eventually the 1 km hike will become a fact of life for all. Might as well get used to it now.