In case of ignorance, break glass

I was on a conference call yesterday with a firm based in Phoenix, Arizona and, as I joined the call early, I had a chance to engage in some casual chitchat with the call’s host.

When I revealed to the host that I was calling in from Prince Edward Island, he asked me “what province is that in?” And when I explained that PEI is, in fact, a province unto itself, he expressed a mixture of disbelief, shame at his geographical ignorance, and a commitment to correcting the problem.

All of which got me thinking: as we’ve decided to throw off the shackles of humility and boldly proclaim our collective mightiness, we’re going to have to all dip our oars in the water of raising the Island’s profile globally.

One way of doing this would be for there to be a rapid-response team at the ready, waiting to address issues like my Arizona Situation. I’d like my Arizona contact to receive, posthaste, a package in the mail that helps him address the obvious hole in his geographic knowledge. It wouldn’t hurt if he received hat too. And perhaps a coupon for a free COWS ice cream cone.

Becoming the Mighty Island in truth rather than just aspiration is going to require all of us to do our part; part of our mighty potential are the tentacles of family, business, and society that worm their way out from the Island to all points on the globe; let’s leverage those tentacles to become indoctrination pipelines for spreading the word that we’re here, we’re a province, and we’re ready.


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"Your Country Neighbors Up Top Eh?"
"You're from Canada Right?"