In Case of Fire Open Door

The former Coast Guard base on the Charlottetown waterfront has yet to be completely touristified; there are still delightful remnants of its past.

Like this fire box.

I was very tempted to open the door to see what would happen, but there was a 5% chance that choppers would be despatched to my location, so I opted against.

Fire Box at Coast Guard Compound in Charlottetown


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oliver b on July 11, 2017 - 16:41 Permalink

But if it's for assurance in case of fire, shouldn't you know what's inside? Or wouldn't it be nice to know that whoever needs to know knows? I suppose the thing is safe, if you take no comfort from it, and appreciate that you shouldn't rely on it. Plus, maybe during a fire, it really would be worth a precious few seconds or a minute even to run to it and use whatever it has inside. The mystery of it would nag at me, though: