I encountered self-styled “ActorPreneur” Michael Ronen at a Thursday “betabreakfast” at Betahaus in Berlin this summer and was struck by his passion for an idea that has evolved in the interim into, a “digital time capsuling” platform for creating geolocation-specific digital experiences. My favourite of the examples he cites in his video about the project is a piece of music that you can only listen to from a specific bridge while the sun is setting.

I’m intrigued by the project not only for Michael’s energetic evangelizing, but also because I think we are entering a time when we all seek less, not more, and one way of getting to less is to less is to use location as a filter. So much of the “location-based services” world is taken up with inane or annoying corporate “we could SMS past customers coupons when they’re within 200 feet of our new coffee ship” projects that it’s nice to see someone considering the artistic and personal potential of these technologies.

You can support at its Kickstarter-like Berlin Crowd page; meanwhile, here’s Michael with an introduction: