Capital New Year in the Park

From Question Period on December 13, 2001, MLA Elmer MacFadyen speaking about an event planned for Victoria Park in Charlottetown on New Year’s Eve called Capital New Year in the Park:

Madam Speaker this safe, alcohol-free, public celebration will give families, friends, and neighbors an opportunity to gather for some good old-fashioned fun. From sleigh rides to skating — weather permitting of course —a magical guided tour through the woods, a prayer for peace, and live entertainment, there should be something for everyone. An early countdown to the New Year after, shortly after 7 will allow family members to celebrate together. Historically people gather with family and friends to ring in the New Year because they believe that what you were doing during the first moments of the New Year set the tone for the entire year. Having this countdown early enough for all family members to participate together encourages family unity on this night and throughout the year 2002.
This is a wonderful idea, and sounds so little like the demographically programmed fakotourism of the Festival of [the Lights \| the Fathers]. It’s obvious intended to be a celebration by Charlottetown for Charlottetown, and not some ponzi scheme designed to attract tourists. Bravo, I say. We’ll be there.


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Alan on December 17, 2001 - 13:16 Permalink

Good point, Peter. There is little celebrating done here that is not slathered with the “tourists will flock” stuff. Good indigenous celebrating for celebrations sake is a cornerstone to commmunity.