Canada Now. Compass Forever.

On Monday evening, Compass will again be called Compass. Proving that common sense, bolstered by a seemingly endless series of inane weblog posts and the dedication of Compass adherents inside the CBC (you know who you are), can prevail.

Canada Now. Compass Forever.


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DerekMac on February 19, 2007 - 00:51 Permalink

Congratulations on another successful victory — first a replacement for the Bank of Montreal clock (albeit a block away), and then a reinstatement of Compass with both name and original one-hour length returned! Now, if someone could just get the Queen Street Meat Market put back on Queen Street…

Cuidado's picture
Cuidado on February 19, 2007 - 10:22 Permalink

Isn’t the new name North East West and South from the acroynym NEWS?

Lester B. Pearson's picture
Lester B. Pearson on February 22, 2007 - 04:01 Permalink

If that’s Compass, then where’s Gerry Birt? All I see is that Rainey guy…. :-) Good to see Boomer back — God bless him and his family for all they’ve gone through.

What was the name of that weather forecaster in the 80’s and early 90’s who left to raise her family I think? And what about that reporter in Summerside, short guy in his 30’s — Allan something?