Can you give me microphone help?

I’m continuing to assemble the pieces of my “stream the sounds of Prince Edward Island to the web” project, and I’ve reached the stage where I need to buy a microphone.

The Pisound box I’ll be using has a single unbalanced ¼” TRS line-level input, without phantom power, with input impedance of 100kΩ.

I’m looking for a microphone to plug into this box, a mic that will work well for picking up sounds over a wide range of frequencies, with a wide polar pattern.

Because there’s no phantom power, I’d need an external source of phantom power to use a condenser microphone (which is fine); if the microphone has an XLR connector I’d need a way to convert to TRS (which is also fine).

I’m certain I have some audio gearheads in my readership: any recommendations?


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Dave on July 21, 2020 - 21:36 Permalink

I ran across this recently when we bought new headphones from the kids.. and discovered that the line in on a Mac does not provide power either, so we picked up some Plugable USB audio adapters. They will power the incoming connection and now the headphones work just fine. Maybe this will be of use to you...
See for details.

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William Denton on July 22, 2020 - 00:18 Permalink

I hear very good things about the LOM mikroUši ( But it needs plugin power, and I don't know if you could arrange that. Also it's sold out right now, but the Pro version (with XLR cables) is available. Or could you get two lavalier mikes and combine them into stereo with an adapter?

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Vivian on July 22, 2020 - 09:12 Permalink

I have heard good reports on the Yeti Microphone which you can purchase through Best Buy.

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elmine on July 22, 2020 - 11:46 Permalink

Not sure what your budget is, but something like the røde stereo videomic probably serves your needs. ( As it's meant for use on a camera it comes with a mini-jack plug. A converter to TRS might already be in your home. It has it's own power with a 9V battery. If you're recording outdoors, buy the dead kitten for it too. You can mount it on a (mini)tripod.

If that is too expensive, look for similar stereo mics for camera's by cheaper brands. (BTW, my own experience with Røde is very good)

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Lucio Saverio-E... on July 22, 2020 - 20:46 Permalink

Because it is a TRS unbalanced input, that signifies it is a stereo input. You'll need to get a Y cable (2 mono RCA or 1/4", etc.) to 1/4" TRS cable that goes from a mic/line mixer to the input on your box. If you have a decent mic/line mixer, you can use any high quality mic granted the mixer has phantom.