Can I learn to skateboard?

I’ve been on a skateboard only once in my life. My friend Timmy, who lived up on the 13th Concession, made his own skateboard out of a piece of wood and some casters, and he let me try it out one afternoon in his basement. I fell down. I did not get back up again.

Other than an aborted attempt to windsurf, on a lake near Parham, Ontario, in 1988, I have been absent from the balancing-on-a-board sports scene ever since.

The arrival of electric skateboards on the scene recently, most prominently under the feet of prolific YouTuber Casey Neistat and his Boosted board, has caused me to reconsider for the first time. They look like so much fun!

I was disabused of this notion, however, after reading some helpful Reddit threads, which have me convinced that I would almost immediately and irreparably injure myself if I were to try.

So I will remain with feet on ground.