Campbell’s Printing and the Highway

While we’re talking about Tryon and roads, I note for the record that the Tryon highway realignment plays in role in how I came to acquire my Golding Jobber № 8 printing press.

The former owners of the press were Bill and Gertie Campbell of Campbell’s Printing. The press was housed in their print shop, out in back of their house in Tryon, a house and shop that were scheduled for demolition because the Branch Road and the Tryon Mill Road were to be rejigged as part of the larger process.

You can see the former location of their print shop in the Google Satellite view below, with the current, up to date, Google Maps road map overlaid. If you drive through Tryon today you’ll notice that neither house nor shop is there any longer.

Tryon in Google Satellite Map

Here’s a photo I took on the day the press started its trip to town, showing the shop that’s no longer there, with Bill in the background (you can read the whole story here):

Golding Jobber Move