Calling All Angels

From today’s Jane Siberry email newsletter:

I just put Calling All Angels on my website for free. People have been contacting me recently wondering how the song could be sent out in a wider way in these difficult times. One person wanted to burn copies for relief workers. I said yes. Then I thought that feels so right. And better yet, if i also make it available as a free website download the gesture would be more Earth-loving with no plastic created. Then I thought, heck, why don’t i just make everything free (that I have rights to). Something feels forced about withholding (music) until one gets something (money). People could pay what they want or not pay at all. That would be more authentic, pure. And probably bring more positivity to all. I think the music would be happier, too.

Grab the MP3. It’s a good song.


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oliver on September 9, 2005 - 22:21 Permalink

Nothing there that I could download. I wonder if it’s been shut down for an emergency consultation with lawyers.

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Charles on September 9, 2005 - 23:34 Permalink

Click on the word “song” next to the cover art. Another case of bad use of CSS, it’s hard to tell which parts of the page are text and which are links.

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paul on September 10, 2005 - 01:43 Permalink

I got it and it’s very sweet. Thanks.

and she Gets It. The MP3 has the album art *and* the lyrics embedded, for display in iTunes or whatHaveYou.

Jeez, your first two commenters need to lighten up …

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oliver on September 10, 2005 - 02:02 Permalink

Thanks for clarifying where to click. Darned if I didn’t mouse over the whole thing on the first visit.

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Joy Rushby on September 21, 2005 - 21:43 Permalink

I have never heard of this lady Ms Siberry let alone heard her sing before but heard the song while watching “Six Feet Under” on television, it was sung by a group of the actresses on the programme to a character who had died.
I decided to see who the original singer was by looking for information about the song. It is just the most beautiful and touching song and the chorus ‘Calling all angels’ moved me to tears. It is the loveliest song I have heard in many years. Thank you.

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Lesley on September 22, 2005 - 06:34 Permalink

Just watched the movie “Pay it Forward” again and was so deeply moved by the song “Calling All Angels” at the end I just had to know who the artist was and how to hear that song again. It felt utterly timeless and universal and I could just hear people singing that chorus in these times that are so challenging for so many. My first attempt to find it on the web led me to the posting by Jane herself, and the Mp3 available for download! I will definitely “pay this song forward”. Thank you so much Jane Siberry, for your artistry, and your generosity.

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beady on October 24, 2005 - 15:41 Permalink

i saw that film about two years ago and was completely moved by it as i had just lost my elder brother, the song played at the end absotlutely overwhelmed me and as it was so beautiful and perfect i was brought to tears…

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Bob on June 23, 2006 - 21:53 Permalink

No “song” or music to download. Sure wish I could.

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Richard on October 22, 2006 - 00:35 Permalink

No song, nothin’. Damn. It’s true, the words free and internet just don’t go together.

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Mike on October 22, 2006 - 00:56 Permalink

Calling all angel, computer experts or anyone else who can tell me how to downlaod this song. It’s supposed to be free or is that a misnomer?

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Christel Hale on December 13, 2006 - 14:55 Permalink

I fell in love with the song but can not download it either. Strangely enough, I heard it when I was in the middle of painting an angel. My painting is called ‘black angel’ and even though I got a lot of stick from my friends, telling me, all angels are WHITE, I disagree. What about the Angels in Africa? So, calling all Angels means calling ALL Angels, does it not? If you would like to see my painting, please click on my web site and I hope you like MY ANGEL

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Deni on January 24, 2007 - 03:56 Permalink

I love this song and want to buy it. There was nothing to download though, the page could not be displayed…..rats!

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don on March 25, 2007 - 07:57 Permalink

2000, Sheeba
NO LONGER AVAILABLE due to licensing restrictions???

Beautiful song/lyrics. Gray’s Anatomy was where I first heard it, I believe. It came up again on YouTube. According to the site, KD Lang is responsible for the lyrics [“Jane Siberry with k.d.lang Lyrics”], but at, its reverse(?) [“CALLING ALL ANGELS (FEATURING K.D. LANG)”]. Please set this straight for me — thanks!

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selina on May 24, 2007 - 03:10 Permalink

I heard this song on KNBA radio station world musice show a few years ago. I have been trying to get it. The link took me to sheeba which states no longer available. I have tried Jane’s site at, but no luck there either. I would like to know how others downloaded. My oldest son recently died and I ould like to be able to listen to this when I’m having bad monments.

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Joanna on May 27, 2007 - 05:21 Permalink

My brother died of cancer two days before 9/11 and hearing the song allowed me to cry the tears for all those who have died too young for whatever reason and now I too face an uncertain timeline because of metastatic breast cancer. While I am 56, I am, and always will be young at heart and tried to find the song and once again I see nothing in life is for free. In fact less and less and even clean air to just breathe will cost us even more. What ever happened to the random acts of kindness? It is going to take all the Angels of the world to get us through the next ten years if we don’t learn to foster hope and generosity!

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PatW on January 26, 2009 - 02:34 Permalink

I was on the LandofPureGold website. Rookie the dancing dog died last fall and his owner wanted Calling All Angels to be there for his heartbroken fans. It was taken down because of WMG. Its a beautiful piece of music. Fits the feeling of what happened to Rookie…
I can get the song anywhere on the internet. Why would someone give them trouble by using the music to a video… so we can sing along.
Anyone know. Anyone know how to contact them ?