CalDAV Saves the Night

We decided to make a family trip to see the latest X-Men movie tonight. To avoid the rush, I bought tickets online and had the ticket retrieval code delivered to my phone.

When we arrived at the movie theatre, I realized I’d left my phone at home; there wasn’t enough time to run home to pick it up, and so I thought we were stuck, either with buying new tickets or giving up on the night out.

Then I remembered that Cineplex provided me with an iCalendar file on the purchase confirmation page that, on a lark, I grabbed into the Calendar app on my Mac.

The calendar I imported it into, as it happens, is automatically synced to my phone, and to Catherine’s phone, via CalDAV using my ownCloud server.

Was Cineplex be smart enough to include the ticket retrieval in notes of the calendar entry? Yes!

And so I was able to simply open the Calendar app on Catherine’s phone and, voila, I had what I needed and our night at the movies was saved.