Businesses I Recommend

All of the following are businesses that I’ve dealt with personally that have offered good service at fair prices. I don’t accept requests to be on this list; businesses earn a position here simply by being great; conversely, just because a business isn’t listed here doesn’t mean it offers bad service. I list things here when I think the world needs to know about a remarkable business.

Car Repair

  • Dave’s Service Centre (36 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown, 902-628-8171). This blog post says it all: clear explanations, innovation solutions, fair dealing. There’s no fancy waiting room or customer shuttle; just good automotive service by sensible, helpful mechanics.

Bicycle Repair

  • MacQueen’s Bike Shop (430 Queen Stret, Charlottetown, 902-368-2453). Solid bike sales and repair shop with staff who know bikes and an easygoing attitude, low on the hardcore “you have to wear cleats to be accepted around here” vibe.